Friday, March 20, 2009

Had a rollercoaster day

Yesterday was rough on me for a few reasons, and after reading the daily newspaper on my breaks, I decided that I couldn't wait to get home and mess in my art journal.

I showed it to my husband, and he appreciated it for what it was, without trying to interpret it. I love him for that. He said it was nice to look at, even if it was cluttered.

Without explination of any of it, here it is. I did two pages yesterday, because one page wouldn't hold everything I needed to say.

Feel free to try to interpret it any way you choose, or just sit back and enjoy the art.

I used bits of yesterday's newspaper and some neat clippings from my two magazines. I embellished with gel pen and colored pencils, since I can't seem to find my craons, my art paints are packed, and crayola doesn't seem to sell watercolor pencils in my town anymore.


  1. I'm gemini too. I never read my horoscope, always say I don't believe in them - but I like those words.

  2. I'm not big on horoscopes either, but sometimes the words themselves are more encouraging than I thought possible.

    My horoscope yesterday was more something I needed to hear than anything else. Today's...not so much.

    I put it close to the Dilbert strip because the Dilbert fit my past couple weeks at work, the horoscope put it all in perspective.

    When looking at my art journal pics, please look at everything, even something so innocuous as a dragonfly cookie. I don't put things in place on accident, there is a reason for everything.