Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy crafting

I've been busy all day, crafting.

I finally got the Harvey-ette sewed, which was no minor feat. The first three times I tried to sew her, she fell apart. MENTAL NOTE: do not use flannel backed satin to sew stuffed animals. The fun fur worked MUCH better.

I browsed for a while on iHanna and decided to dig out my old ceramics paints. I used to paint ceramics like a mad woman, but ran out of people to give them to, and no one wanted to buy them on my eBay days, so I gave up. I hung on to the paint though, I'm not one for throwing away my stash of anything.

So after my read on iHanna, I got out my paints, and my glitter, and glitter glue, antique stamps, brushes of all shapes and sizes, a few beads, and of course, the hateful little plastic gems that I could "never find a good thing for, but had to have anyway".

I'm almost done with a journal page, I'm waiting for paint and glitter glue to dry. Scans will have to wait until later because I don't want to goop up my scanner with glitter glue.

I dug out a wooden box that I had woodburned and couldn't sell, a box of somesort of wierd cardboard material that I'd made a (horrible) attempt at decoupage on, and my stash of ACEO blanks from recycled kitchen cardboard (pasta box, tea box, and old cereal box). Some of that is still waiting for the gesso to dry, and some has an initial coat of paint on it. I don't have a set plan for either of the boxes, but I'm sure they'll turn out better than they were when I started...the cards are going to be abstract paints, that hopefully, will sell.

Don't look too hard for yesterday's journal pages, they are a little too personal for me to feel comfortable to share, but todays, I'll show you. Look for other pics later (as in, after everything dries) of my crafty adventures for today.

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