Tuesday, July 7, 2009

12 Pains of Christmas

Christmas in July is something that most people are familiar with. It is normally either a massive sale, or holiday items, sometimes a massive sale of holiday items.

"12 Pains of Christmas" is also a Bob Rivers song, parody of "12 Days of Christmas" and one of my favorite BR songs. Fitting title for this post, methinks.

The only thing I will say about this entry is it was THE single most painful one to create, thus far. If you know the story, you will recognize it immediately. You will also know why it was so painful to create, and know that this page will haunt me the rest of my days on this planet.

You can click the picture to see a bigger image of it. I have to resize my pics to get them to fit in my columns. Some of the details will be clearer after enlarging, and the pic will open in a new window.

Time for change

This is another 2 pager, but the second page isn't finished. This is the only entry in my art journal that I haven't finished in one sitting. (mainly because good pictures of mirrors are hard to find)

My pages take anywhere from a few minutes to a few HOURS to create. It depends on what I'm trying to say, and the ease in which I find what I need.

I've been working on this one off an on for about a month now. If I am able to finish this one in the next century, I'll post the right side of it, as this is the left page, and I have deemed this one "done".


This is a massive 2-pager. Yes, two entire pages in my journal. They sit side by side for maximum effect.

My husband and I are trying to buy the house we are currently renting. The landlord is trying to sell it, and I'm DONE with moving and DONE with shitty landlords.

These two pages are an attempt at "self fufilling prophecy". Nothing cryptic, nothing to explain. It is right in front of your eyes.

Oh, and please send warm fuzzy thoughts. We are || that close to getting the house.

Left page:

Right page:

Loss for words...?

I knew what I wanted to say. I knew how to say it. I said everything I needed to say with this page.

To date, it is the most cryptic of my entries and no one has yet figured it out. You get a cookie and 10 cool points if you post the correct answer in the comments on this post.

Artsy, for art's sake

Word of warning: do NOT leave anything in my house that you don't want me to potentially use for art. This includes "silver colored", shiny tape stuff.

I am not sure what the tape was *really* intended for, but before it wound up on a page in my art journal, my warped ex-neighbor used it for wrapping paper at christmas.

I am really glad the scan didn't kill my scanner, but the sheer shiny mirror finish of it didn't show well in the end scan. It looks like shades of grey coloring, but I'm sure you can use your imagination while you try to figure this one out.

Not everything is as it seems v2.0

My idea of art isn't your idea of art, but it is my oasis while I'm adrift in a barren sea of raw emotion and this is the only outlet.

Not everything is as it seems v1.0

Are you sure this is a happy, positive entry?


Feeble attempt at optimism. There are, however, other tones in this post...my OCD rampaging through. Can you find it?

I was cold

I was freezing cold the day I made this. I couldn't wait for summer, and now that it's here, I don't want it to leave.

Hope Floats, Karlee style.

From the volumes of pain and searching for hope.